Addiction is Not Unspeakable:
Let’s Talk About It

The No Obligation and No Commitment
“Just Education and Information” Workshop

Presented by
Walk The Talk Recovery


  • How to recognize Alcoholism and Addiction
  • What is behind Alcoholism and Addiction
  • What help is available for addicts and Loved Ones
  • The Universal Stages of Change and How to Identify the Stage you or your loved one is in
  • Where to go first
  • What stands in the way of change
  • The Absolute Must Do Steps that cannot be skipped
  • What Loved Ones can do to help themselves and their loved one
  • How Workplaces and Managers can help encourage healthy living and working
  • The High COST of Addiction to workplaces!


Invest just 60 minutes and $395!

Brief and to the point facts that will improve lives and

Promote a healthy, productive Workplace

To Schedule this  One Hour Of  Lifesaving For your Workplace


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Walk The Talk Recovery

Coaching Programs for Alcoholics and Addicts
Specialized and personalized help to
Walk the Talk toward a healthy and happy life.

Coaching Programs for Parents, Spouses and Loved Ones of…

Alcoholics and Addicts. Specialized and personalized help to detach with love for your own health and to support your loved one.

Take the first step out of Chaos to a New Life

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  • Expert Support and Education
  • Accountability
  • Regular Connection
    • Telephone
    • Email
    • Face to Face
  • Connection for Urgent Needs
  • Emotion Managemen
  • Addiction Support
  • Healthy Living Support
  • Understand and Manage Underlying Causes

About Amy Remmele

Amy Remmele has her background in Psychology. She worked in a Psychologist’s practice for 25 years, facilitating groups on Cognitive Restructuring for anxiety, depression and pessimism; facilitating couples’ groups and counseling individuals with a range of issues, including addictions. Amy also worked for over 15 years as a Consultant and Trainer with businesses and medical practices. Through communication training and emotional intelligence education, Amy teaches everyone how to find happiness and success from the inside out and to become their best, most productive selves.

Currently Amy works with Alcoholics and Addicts to promote and assist their Recovery. Amy also works with the Parents, Spouses and Family Members of Alcoholics and Addicts to help them return to a healthy lifestyle. Both groups need help – to find all the help that is available – to give up old behaviors – to bridge the gap between the old and the new behaviors – to establish a new set of behaviors. Amy’s years of professional experience combined with her own 31 years of sobriety creates a program for success.

Amy also speaks regularly in Workplaces and Organizations, doing her talk, Addiction Is Not A Four-Letter Word. This is a powerful presentation offered in a brief, non-threatening model. With her education and experience, Amy provides the platform for workplaces to offer their employees an amazing opportunity to understand any problems they may have with addiction or any problems their loved ones may have. As a secondary benefit, this talk sets the stage for a healthier, more productive workplace.

Amy is the author of Chief Life Officer: Your Life Is The Most Important Business You’ll Ever Own (CLO), and the communication chapter of the best-selling book, Game Changers. Amy also co-authored, with Dr. Kent Bath, Re-Phrase It and the relationship workbook and DVD, Empathy, Communication and Conflict Resolution Home Study Program.




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