A powerful approach to perfecting sales and communication skills!

1. Show me the SALES:  The Secrets To Successful Selling
What are your roadblocks to selling more?  Qualifying, Asking for the sale, Weak follow-up, Cenerating referrals, blending in with your competition?  Revoltionize the way you sell!  Internalize systems and methods that when followed will lead to successful sales.  Plus, learn the number one characteristic of successful selling.  Only individuals who are serious about perfecting their sales skills, seeking spectatular results should take this course.
Learn more by following this link…“SHOW ME THE SALES!”

2. Listen Both Ways before You Talk!
Training for Workplace Interactions and Relationships
Does your organization experience too many mistakes, misunderstandings, simple tasks that take too much time, long meetings without progress, repeated errors, conflicts, non-conflicts and / or insubordination?  Learning effective and worthwhile communication will eleviate your staff to saying and doing what needs to be said and done at the right time and in the right way.  We have all learned the HOW TO’s of communication.  The secret is in the Shys.  Learn these and he HOW To’s will stick.
Learn more by following this link…“LISTEN BOTH WAYS BEFORE YOU TALK”

3.   Human Tune Up:  Your Good Staff Becoming Better and Your Better Staff Becoming the BEST!
Discover and develop the wealth of human talent within your organization. When everyone in your group falls into one of these three categories, YOU’VE GOT IT!
Learn more by following this link…“HUMAN TUNE UP” 

4. Organic Customer Service:
The Natural Way To Be Great Every Day!
Does your staff recycle good ideas, reuse great pessimism?  Or do they throw away good ideas, reduce great behaviors and recycle pessimism?  Learning to keep their eye on the prize and making the connection between their behavior and attitudes and their paycheck results in true “buy-in” from your staff.  Discover the power of a smile and how to use marshmallow mindfulness.  Understanding the importance of etiquitte and mastering solution orientation leads to compliance and the desire to be great every day.
Learn more by following this link…“ORGANIC CUSTOMER SERVICE” 

6. Is Your Glass Half Full or Did It Just Spill All Over Your Lap?
 How much does not happen because people see walls rather than hurdles?  How much business doesn’t get done because people believe that it does not matter or that it will not work?  How do you help your staff expect the best and not the worst?  To see the light and not the dark?
Learn more by following this link...”IS YOUR GLASS HALF FULL OR DID IT JUST SPILL ALL OVER YOUR LAP?” 

7. Workplace Relation-SHIPs:
Make your Business Partner-SHIPs Unsinkable
Is your Relation-SHIP The Love Boat Or The Titanic? Keep you and your crew Functional, Cooperative, Productibe, Healthy and on the cruise to success. Recognize and analyze problems, going from lamenting to solution orientation. Prevent mistakes through mindfulness. Learn to say what needs to be said at the time it needs to be said in the way it needs to be said. Use value propositions to keep the right people on your SHIP and the wrong people off! The perfect way to plug the holes in your relation-SHIP.
Learn more by following this link…“WORKPLACE RELATION-SHIPS”

6. Business and Personal Coaching
 Overcome your roadblocks to success. Explore the issues and enhance your performance with the Psych-cess Coach. Bring any life issue to the experts and soar your way to success!
Call us today to learn how you can hire Amy as your personal coach!

8.  Assessments
Assess your way to success. Assessments give you valuable insight and solutions, leading to greater success and peace of mind. Assessments measure everything, including interaction style (DiSC), conflict style, how you listen, your work expectations and coping and stress.
See our Assessments by following this link…”ASSESS YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS” 


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