Communication Training


Every Success in life begins with RelationshipsEvery Relationship begins with Communication - The Body Language, The Tone of Voice, The Words, The Listening Style, The Understanding and The Response! Make sure you ALL of your Interactions are creating Unsinkable Relation-SHIPs and NOT inviting people onto the Titanic? 



Walk The Talk Living provides Assessments for Interaction Style, Team Functions, Listening Style and Conflict Style.


Do NOT Leave Your Communication Skills To Chance!

Make Sure ALL of Your Interactions

are creating Unsinkable Relation-SHIPs

and NOT inviting people onto the Titanic


Many people do not know that

MOST mistakes and negative events

are caused by poor communication!


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Do-It-Yourself Communication Program!


It includes:

  • A Personalized Interaction Style Assessment (DiSC)
  • Step by Step HOW TOs
    • Empathic Listening
    • Reading Body Language
    • Assertive Speaking
    • Recognizing and Understanding Interaction Styles
  • Understanding Motivation - Your Own and Others

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