Negative Behavior is Fear

Fear drives all negative behavior. There is a direct correlation between the level of fear a person feels and the intensity of negativity they exhibit in their behaviors. At the heart of the [...]


Walk the Talk Recovery and Changing 2

The first thing that has to happen for Change to begin is for the person or people involved to admit that there is a problem. Many people accuse those who are not acknowledging a problem of just [...]


Bully Elephants

Humans have very powerful defense mechanisms for ignoring that which makes them uncomfortable. It happens over time, like the frog in hot water. Al Gore, in his film Inconvenient Truth, tells a [...]

In Fear

The Monsters in Our Minds

The Monsters in Our Minds By Amy Remmele For many of us how we manage fear will determine our destiny. To demonstrate this, imagine a little boy standing at the bottom of the stairs in his house, [...]