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Amy Bath consults with businesses, medical practices and  individuals. Through communication training and emotional intelligence education, Amy teaches everyone how to find happiness and success from the inside out and to become their best, most productive selves. As a consultant, trainer and  speaker, Amy works with business owners and managers who want all of their relationships to be positive assets, who want everyone to internalize the company vision and mission and who want everyone working to make the workplace more efficient, effective and productive. Amy uses her expertise in communication skills and in human behavior and motivation to transform Workplaces into Attraction Magnets for great employees and customers.

Amy is the author of Workplace Interactions That Work, the step by step guide to Communication and co-author with Dr. Kent Bath of the relationship workbook and DVD, Empathy, Communication and  Conflict Resolution Home Study Program.

Okayness To Go is Amy's newest book, about change and self-fulfillment will be released in February of 2019.