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Amy’s unique background in both Psychology and Business has inspired her into two avenues:

Walk The Talk Living Business Consulting – Assessing, Training and Coaching Workplace Interactions that WORK for you and your teams. We can eliminate misunderstandings, chaos, ineffective meetings, negativity and dysfunctional teams.  Amy works with businesses and organizations that are serious about creating a lean, cutting-edge platform for workplace interactions and employee behaviors and satisfaction.

Walk The Talk Living Coaching – Coaching Professionals and Individuals who want to overcome roadblocks, be successful and have productive relationships.






"Communication, team building, and the understanding of each other’s interaction styles are essential for a successful organization. Amy was instrumental in providing the tools and guidance for us to develop and maintain these skills in our ever changing environment." Dr. Robert Gatewood, Buffalo Medical Group

"Buffalo Cardiology and Pulmonary Associates has benefited greatly from the relationship with Amy Bath. The analysis of our styles and the understanding of how to use the diversity of styles to our benefit have helped our business grow and prosper under very difficult times in the health care market." Gina Gray, CEO, Buffalo Cardiology and Pulmonary Associates

"With communication training, Amy Bath has helped Sherex start on the path of developing a world class culture. I would recommend Amy to any company wanting to grow, and become their best. As Chief Cultural Officer, Amy is helping me and everyone at Sherex reach the next level of personal and business growth." Adam Pratt, President, Sherex Fastening Solutions, LLC

"I engaged Amy to help our management team improve communication skills. Since these training sessions, our interactions have become quick and effective. The causes of conflicts are easily recognized and resolved. Today we are a much more cohesive, effective management team thanks to Amy’s help." Gerald Nannen, Executive Director, Buffalo Spine and Sports Institute

 "Everything about the training programs that Amy provided for our company exceeded our expectations. The training has proven to be critical to our success, professional development and the improvement and success of our company's sales and marketing programs." Dawn Pezzimenti, Owner, Intomes Technical Services

"Since Amy's coaching, my colleagues and I communicate at new levels, issues are resolved quickly and resolving them actually strengthens our relationships." JoAnne Cobler, M.D., Buffalo Medical Group

"Amy helped us get down to the core of our interactions and find out where they were derailing us. Our new found communication skills keep us on track and give us back more time, energy and money." Suzanne Weeks, MS. Ed., BCBA, owner, Turning Point Behavioral Services

"As the Chief Cultural Officer, Amy Bath showed me how to discover and tap into my personal power. With Amy’s training and support, I make better decisions and I am becoming a World Class Leader." Josephine Welliver, M.D., Century Airport Pediatrics

"Amy has helped me to grow into the Manager and Leader I have dreamed of.  Everyone in the organization has improved their communication and people skills. They are all more efficient and productive." Rich Stauffer, VP of Operations, Sherex Fastening Solutions, LLC


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